Now delivering groceries to Winter Park, Fraser, and Tabernash

Our ordering process has been streamlined into three easy steps for your convenience.

Place Order for Groceries

Submit Grocery List:

You may copy and paste your list into the field or you may choose to upload your list in a file.

Please be as specific as possible when making your list. You may include preferences like brand name or generic and be sure to note quantity and sizes. If your preferred brand name is not available, we will do our best to find an appropriate substitute.

New Option for your convenience! We now offer pre-selected food packs. These packs will be charged to your card upon placement of your order and NO 25% shopping fee will be added to these items. (no substitutions offered for these packs)

Paste or Type Your Shopping List In The Text Field Below

Safeway shopping files DO NOT upload properly resulting in items missing from your order.

Grab-N-Go Kids Pack

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Includes items like: juice boxes, trail mix, raisins, fruit snacks, applesauce pouches, granola bars, and cheese sticks

Grab-N-Go Snack Pack

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Includes items like: granola bars, crackers, rice krispy treats

Grab-N-Go Breakfast Pack

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Includes items like: cereal bars, pop-tarts, mini muffins and donuts

Hearty Breakfast Pack

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Includes these specific items: 2% Milk, OJ, dozen eggs, sausage patties, bacon, vanilla greek yogurt, granola and fresh fruit bowl

Includes these specific items: Boost Oxygen canisters, sunscreen packets, hand warmers, pain reliever packets, liquid hydration packets

Personal Info

Any orders placed within two days of desired delivery date will be charged an additional $25 rush order fee.
(Deliveries are made between 4-6pm.)

Additional Information

Is there any additional information we should know for delivery? (i.e. gate codes, parking, etc.)

Once you hit Place Order, you will complete your grocery delivery order by submitting your payment on the next page.

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